NXT was a good choice..


I’d never been to a live WWE event until last Friday when NXT hit Glasgow’s SSE Hydro.

I got a ticket that skint me 45quid, but it was was worth every penny.

So.. NXT kicked off with a pre recorded video featuring Triple H, which got the crowd pumped up.


Decent seats.

First match on the card was Tag team match: Enzo & Cass V Blake & Murphy.
When The former entered the arena, a few things were clear. Enzo & Cass are well over. When they picked up the mic, many of the fans knew every word they’d say. There was a lot of youth in the crowd too, which goes to show how popular NXT as a brand has become, especially when you consider the target audience.
This match kicked off the show well. There was a sequence where Big Cass got the hot tag and hit a lot of power moves that the crowd were really into.
Enzo & Cass got the win, much to the crowds delight.

Next up was Bull Dempsey v Tye ‘the perfect 10’ Dillinger.
This match seemed more about comedic value than wrestling, schoolboy stuff. Bull taking dillingers placard and raising it above his head as his opponent gets angry. Then there was a half arsed cartwheel from Bull. I don’t mind matches with a but of humour, and I guess it worked because if it hadn’t, then I doubt Dempsey’s wrestling ability could have made up for it.
‘Bull fit’ won the match.

The ring announcer quickly got used the the big ‘one fall!’ shouts when announcing the matches, a regular occurrence at any ICW event.

Alexa Bliss V Asuka
Asuka was made to feel welcome here. And she does give the women’s division a much needed spark. The pace of the match was more about Bliss going on the offensive until Asuka made the babyface comeback and applied the cross faced chicken wing for the win.

Baron Cornin V Neville
We were all pleasantly surprised to see Neville in Glasgow. The match has some pretty good moments. Neville being allowed to show his athleticism, which I was expecting less of given it was a house show.It was a good match but I’m not so sure how good Corbin actually is yet. I guess I need to watch more often. Neville sold a lot for Corbin and in the end, Neville nailed the red arrow for the pinfall.

Jordan & Gable v Dash & Dawson
Great match and a massive ovation for Jordan & Gable. They are an excellent tag team with tons of potential. Chants of ‘save the gable’ a reference to the New Day could be heard. The current champions got a dirty win in the end but I don’t think we’ll be waiting too long before Jordan & Gable get the gold.

Apollo Crews v Samoa Joe
When Apollo Crews’ music hit, the Glasgow audience gave him a decent reception but it didn’t quite compare to the reaction Samoa Joe received. He’s a guy who everyone knows and the crowd weren’t caring for the face/heel concept for this one. Another great match that culminated in a win for Joe after he’d hit the muscle buster. I really hope WWE don’t make a mess of things when Joe and Balor are moved to the main roster.

Bayley V Emma
I was genuinely excited about seeing Bayley after having seen the phenomenal matches she had with Sasha banks. On the night she squared off with another great talent in Emma. This was a really good match on a night filled with great matches. Perhaps Bayley didn’t understand the Scottish so well as we shouted ‘Bayley, Geez a hug, Bayley Bayley geez a hug’. The match gave the crowd what they wanted and Bayley won with the Bayley to Belly suplex. – I must say however, that A great wrestler like her needs to have a better finisher.

Finn Balor V Sammy Zayn
Chants of Olé filled the arena as fans anxiously awaited the arrival of Sami Zayn. Balor and Zayn had an epic main event match with great flurries of offence from both sides, near falls, and drama, all coming to an end withThe NXT Champion getting the pinfall and retaining his title. Balor had dealt out some references to Scotland’s own Grado, having mimicked Grado’s walk and shouting ‘It’s yersel’ – setting off the crowd with ‘IC Dub’ chants. It doesn’t seem so long ago that Balor who was known as Prince Devitt at the time, was wrestling in ICW. Balor knew exactly were he was and made sure we’d get a great main event.

So this happened..

fear & loathing

ICW sold out the SECC a month in advance.


Mick Foley was Commisioner.


Seen here gubbing red lightning


I must say when Red Lightening announced last year that Fear & Loathing would take place in the SECC, I was sceptical. Sceptical about its chances of selling out that is.

But as usual ICW punched above its weight. 4000 wrestling fans were present to witness Grado defeat Drew Galloway for the World Championship and to see an all round fantastic show.

I think my favourite match had to be the six man tag team match. There was a particularly nice spot where Noam Dar had an opponent in a grounded hold and as another of his opponents attempted to break the hold, Dar brought him down and into a submission too.

The cage match was awesome too.


It was nice to see the return of Rhyno who was beaten in a great bout with Joe Coffey.

The Zero G championship changed hands as Davey Boy beat his former partner Stevie Boy.

And for the first time ever, in a night were a number of firsts were made, The newly established women’s championship was won as Nikki Storm beat Kay Lee Ray for the gold.

Mark Dallas told us that this was to be the biggest British Wrestling event in 34 years. But that wasn’t ‘the whole fuckin story’ Fear & Loathing will take place at none other than the  SSE Hydro next year. – The same place I visited last week to to see NXT.

Vince McMahon is shitting himself about now..image



‘I’ won the Burger Eating Contest.

..Or so a certain Joe Hendry would claim. Of course, Hendry does possess one of the biggest Ego’s in wrestling. So it’s no surprise that he didn’t mention that he couldn’t have been victorious without yours truly, Gary, Gary Coombes.

I was lucky enough to have been chosen for the contest after one of the initial participants had pulled out. Having been paired with the man who won the contest last year, coupled with my previous burger shovelling experience at The Ark, I fancied my chances.

Hosted by Lebowskis, this years’ event consisted of teams of two with an ICW wrestler and a fan in each team. Lou King Sharp was paired with a fan and Mark Coffey had to be called upon to tag with a fan after Jack Jester had also pulled out from the event. Coffey showed up steamin’ along with the rest of the Polo Promotions team, who I assume where in the midst of DCT’s stag do.

Each team were given 30 minutes to complete the challenge, which even Hendry had rendered “impossible.”
Nevertheless, there had to be a winning team and a decision was made whereby the team with the lightest amount of food leftover would be declared as champions. It all ended in a close finish with Lou King Sharp apparently defying the odds as runner up.

Our victory meant that I now have two tickets to Fear and Loathing 8 at the SECC next month. This is to be the biggest show in ICW’s short history. Cannae wait!

Struggling to grasp the concept of tag team rasslin’ erm..burger eating. To be fair, I am the tag team champions.

dat burgerthough

Dat Burger though. Beef, Venison and Pork combined with cheese and lettuce in a big bun!


Twists and (heel) turns highlight Barramania!

Always a highly anticipated event, ICW’s second coming to the Gallowgate, gracing the hallowed Barrowlands Ballroom, a place where numerous legends have stood. So it was quite fitting that the show was dedicated to Scottish wrestling legend, Drew Macdonald, who sadly passed away last month. Rest in Peace, Drew.
Drew Macdonald RIP

Barramania started the way all wrestling shows should start,with a great match, involving great performers;

8 man Tag Team Match – Grado, Kenny Williams, Noam Dar & Joe Hendry V The 55.
Typically team face vs team heel. The fan favourites were introduced first to our delight, anticipating the sing along’s for Joe Hendry’s ‘Local Hero’ music and Grado’s ‘Like a prayer’ number. A great way to get the crowd warmed up.
This match was mostly an outright brawl, particularly at the start but it started to evolve nicely as it went on. There were some unique power moves, courtesy of Hendry and The 55’s Bram and some decent spots too. An all round joy to watch. However, to our dismay Bram’s chair shot to a blind sided Joe Hendry is what concluded the match, which fired up an angry Grado who demanded that Bram take him on at Shugs Hoose Party, to which Bram would accept.
Best match of the night.

Lewis Girvin V Mikey Whiplash
Scotland’s self professed ‘best young wrestler’ was up against a much loved veteran in Whiplash. Girvin’s quality did show, specifically in technical ability which is something that his opponent is an expert in. This is why this match made sense on the surface. There was a well timed stare off between the two, Whiplash seeming to realise he may have underestimated his rookie opponent. A rather creepy video was followed by the emergence of a creepy looking individual walking down the ramp with a pig mask on, keeping the crowd guessing who it could be. It was none other than BT Gunn, who was partly responsible for Whiplash’s exit from the Square Go!  This was the first big revelation of the night. Gunn’s interference awarded Lewis Girvin the win, but BT Gunn wasn’t finished with his assault on Whiplash. He spat what looked like blood on his face before hitting him several times with a kendo stick and strapping his arms to the ropes. He finished off by putting a barbed wire crown of thorns on the veteran’s head.

Stevie Boy w/The wee man & Davie Boy V Mark Coffey w/DCT and Coach Trip
Stevie Boy is one of the high flyers, and we all like high fliers. This match was pretty decent as Stevie Boy picked up a clean win over Coffey. DCT and (insert name of the ‘coach’) were cleared out of the house by Davie Boy and The Wee man after some moments had spilled into the ring.

Lionheart V Jackie Polo
This match has been 3 years in the making and had got some good build up. I was expecting a close and competitive match here but it was extremely one sided. Jackie Polo gave Lionheart a royal arse kickin. I wonder if anyone was tallying up Polo’s signature body slams? Anytime Lionheart seemed like he was coming back into the match Polo would inflict a decisive blow and Lionheart couldn’t keep up with it. An easy looking win for Polo, who executed a Perfect Plex and then added insult to injury by taunting Lionheart, saying he should ‘do as he promised’ and kiss his arse as well as remarking on Lionheart’s neck break which had occurred in a match he had had with AJ Styles. I must say I have been a fan of Polo for a short time, but he grew on me even more so that night. Also, his attire was spectacular.

Chris Renfrew V Dickie Divers
After Dickie Divers apparently ‘betrayed’ Renfrew at the Square Go by eliminating him and becoming the Square Gowner (ICW’s own Money in the Bank briefcase) we had a day of vengeance on our hands. Renfrew opted for a Silent Hill style entrance, with some screenplay saying ‘Divers dies’. His arrival was accompanied by two zombie esque, mummified looking beings acting all creepy and Renfrew had literally inked his body in hate with a felt tip pen. The match was pretty even but started to turn progressively brutal when Divers got a barbed wire wrapped chair from under the ring. There was some changes of fortune regarding the possession of said chair but things really heated up when Renfrew’s NAK team mate, BT Gunn made his second appearance, assisting Renfew. A roar from a motorcycle was heard, and the crows new who was roaring in, none other than Wolfgang, presumably to exact some revenge on Gunn after their long running feud, if nothing else. Wolfgang got off his bike and marched to the ring as Gunn made the NAK taunt with his fingers. Wolfgang responded with his ‘W’ but slowly flipped a v down as he turned towards Divers, revealing that he was the new man in the NAK. The crowd went mental. Divers was mercilessly beaten down and Wolfie tore off his shirt to reveal the ‘Go Fuck Yer Sel’ t-shirt. Renfrew got his revenge alright and the NAK saga continues.

Loser leaves ICW – Carmel V Layla Rose
This would be the first time I have seen Carmel in a singles match, and also my first time seeing Layla Rose in action. I wouldn’t say the match was up to much. Layla Rose won it cleanly, ending Carmel’s ICW career. It was more about the nature of Carmel’s exit as her partner Liam Thomson came forth to say a few words. He praised Carmel and what she has done for ICW, which was met with applause. He went on to say that he couldn’t wait to spend his life with her and have children. A heart warming gesture. The divorce took place before a wedding could be planned however, as Thomson grabbed a steel chair and struck Carmel when she had her back turned. Needless to say, it was a painful ending for poor Carmel.

ICW World Heavyweight Championship match Joe Coffey V Drew Galloway
A main event that many had hoped for, the Ironman, the ‘mighty wrestler’ Joe Coffey, taking a much deserved title shot. Coffey appeared with a sort of half Ironman, half Spartan paint do. It looked cool. Coffey is one of the bigger guys in ICW but standing next to Galloway he did look a little small. For me, this match was better than the one that won Galloway his championship. It was a close one but Galloway wrapped it up well with the Future Shock. 
fear & loathing
General Manager, Red Lightning announced that ICW will hit the SECC for the first time in November!

WWE Fastlane Report – Road to Wrestlemania

So, I only just realised why it’s called Fastlane. It’s because we are in the ‘fastlane’ to Wrestlemania, WWE’s answer to the Superbowl.
Kicking off the show was a segment of Miz TV with Paul Hayman as the guest, who basically told us the predictable: That Brock Lesnar will retain the WWE World Heavyweight Championship, regardless of who his opponent would be at Wrestlemania.

6 man tag team match – Ziggler, Eric Rowan & Ryback V Kane, Big Show & Seth Rollins
On the surface, it would seem like a 6-man tag match is the ideal way to warm up a crowd but there wasn’t too much to note from the match itself so I’m going to fast forward with this one; The match ended when Big Show hit a knock out punch from outside the ring whilst the ref was distracted and Kane got the pinfall. A beat down was in full flow after the bell had signalled the end of the match with Rollins delivering curb stomps to Ziggler and Rowan and as Ryback was about to receive the same treatment with the help on J&J security, Randy Orton’s music hit and The Viper darted into the ring delivering RKO’s left, right and centre. Rollins fled the building and it’s looking like Rollins and Orton will be going one on one at WM. I say welcome back Mr. Orton, we missed you.

Stardust V Goldust

Nothing like a bit if sibling rivalry eh? There had been tension between the Rhodes brothers’ building for a while relating to their apparent inability to work together as a tag team and Stardust’s outrage at anyone calling him ‘Cody’. The macth was OK but not quite what we were hoping for as it ended quite abruptly with Goldust taking an opportunist roll-up pin, seemingly because he never set out to hurt his brother. For me, the after segment was actually better than the match. The Rhodes family clashed backstage. Goldust and Dusty Rhodes were chatting before Stardust appeared and renounced his family membership before attacking Goldust and storming away. It was excellent work by Stardust, who has proven he can play just about any character with conviction.

Tag Team Championships – The Uso’s (c) V Tyson Kidd & Cesaro
An all round entertaining match with some good spots and played out at a good pace. Probably one of the best matches of the night. I’m delighted to say that we have new Tag Team Champions in Cesaro and Kidd. I think this could pave the way for Cesaro to re-emerge as a upper card player at least. It could also benefit Tyson Kidd who found himself back on the NXT roster for a while. It will be interesting to see how far the duo can go with stiff competition in the Uso’s as well as the new guys in the division, The Ascension.

Divas Championship – Paige V Nikki Bella(c)
Exactly as I had predicted, a short and barely entertaining match which ended with Nikki Bella retaining her title. Need I say more?

Intercontinental Championship Dean Ambrose V Bad News Barrett (c)

It’s always a pleasure to watch Ambrose and I thought this was potentially going to be one of the best matches on the night but it wasn’t quite. I was expecting a brawl, given the type of characters these two guys are but it seemed like this was another case of saving the best for later. Barrett won after Ambrose was bizarrely disqualified. That didn’t stop Ambrose, who decided he’d nick the title belt anyway and disappear with it.

US Championship – John Cena V Rusev

For me, this was the best match of the night. Rusev pretty much dominated and produced some impressive moves and counters. We had a fall-away slam, Alabama slam, a spinning wheel kick and a dropkick from Rusev. You probably wouldn’t expect a big guy like him delivering the latter two, so it was nice to see. Cena did manage to deliver an Attitude Adjustment but it didn’t keep Rusev down. The man who is billed as a typical Russian villain (he’s actually Bulgarian) had Cena locked in with his Accolade submission but Cena was only defeated when Lana interfered in the match, stealing the refs attention, enabling the brute to deliver a low blow followed once again by the Accolade. Rusev won by knock out. It was a dirty finish as smart fans were expecting, but Rusev done more than enough to show that he’s a force to be reckoned with and his undefeated streak remains intact.

No.1 Contender match (winner faces Brock Lesnar for the Heavyweight Championship) – Daniel Bryan V Roman Reigns
This was probably the best match that Roman Reigns has ever been involved in. Good to watch with both men looking like they had a good chance of winning. Of course it was Bryan who brought the best out in Reigns.There were some excellent moments in this one too, especially on and around the turnbuckle areas. Bryan failed to get a 3 count after a running knee to the face of Reigns which I thought Reigns was about to counter with a spear. Turns out Reigns did indeed counter with the Spear on Bryans’ second attempt and secured a victory. It made Reigns look good and I believe the WWE got this one right. Reigns had to win, despite the anger of Daniel Bryan’s fanbase. Reigns will now challenge Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania.

*Promo* Bray Wyatt made an appearance after fooling the crowd into believing that the Undertaker was about to make his return. Taker’s music hit which pleased many as a coffin was led down the ramp and opened only to reveal Wyatt, who issued a challenge to the Phenom at Wrestlemania. This ought to be good.

Triple H calls out Sting
Dressed for a fight Triple H called out Sting and the Vigilante arrived to receive a belittling by Triple H and punches were exchanged and Triple H fetched his signature sledge hammer only to be met with Sting baring a baseball bat. Sting held the bat at the throat of Triple H and then pointed to the Wrestlemania logo, implying that they should settle the score at the biggest stage of all. The match was later officially confirmed, just as I had expected before Sting set foot in the ring.
sting tripleh

WWE Fastlane Preview

February 22, 2015 at the FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee.fast-lane-_splash

WWE Fast Lane is the new PPV which will replace Elimination Chamber (Boo!)
For the inaugural edition of the shitely – named event, Triple H will come face to face with Sting. The likelihood is that Triple H will confront Sting about his interrupting of matches which had led to outcomes that Triple H found undesirable and challenge him to a match at Wrestlemania.

The main event will be Daniel Bryan vs Roman Reigns for a number 1 contender spot with the winner going on to face Brock Lesnar at WM for the World Heavyweight Championship.
Initially, it was clear that Roman Reigns would be heading straight to Wrestlemania for his title shot having won the Royal Rumble, but perhaps due to the overwhelming disappointment this caused (which in itself I could write a whole blog post about) WWE decided that fan-favourite , Bryan should be in the title contender scene too, perhaps just to keep fans happy.
The thing is, no matter who wins this match, there will be a number of people unhappy with the result. If Reigns win then it’s a massive upset to the legions of Daniel Bryan fans and it means that the main event of Wrestlemania might not be so highly anticipated. On the other hand if Bryan wins then it shows that WWE have lost faith in Roman Reigns, who they’ve been pushing to the moon so far. It’s not going to help Reigns to have him lose. I suspect that some Bryan fans won’t feel like their hero has won his spot fairly either.
One of the things to consider about this match is that both wrestlers are faces, so perhaps a heel turn might be required to clear the air of the mess that’s been created. The reaction will be interesting either way.
Above all though, I hope this is going to be a good match to watch. I really hope both men set out to put on a show and make it look competitive.

US Championship Match – John Cena V Rusev (c)
I don’t know what the idea behind this match is, it seems a little dubious. I suppose when you look at Rusev’s undefeated streak and John Cena’s prestige as a 15 time World Champion then it makes a little sense from that standpoint. I’d like to think that Rusev’s unbeaten record will continue and a win over Cena should propel him much further. It would seem strange to say the least, if Cena were to win the US title, given the fact that he has been a constant main event star for most of his career. Cena himself has nothing to gain from winning the US title. Maybe the only thing a Cena win would do is add value to the title itself.
Rusev has to win this match, surely. It will be interesting to what direction the WWE take afterwards regarding Rusev’s future Wrestlemania opponent(s). I can see the match being a dirty finish, with Rusev winning by cheating in some way or a dodgy refereeing decision, so as not to have Cena downgraded too much.

WWE Diva’s Championship – Paige v Nikki Bella (c)
As much as I’d love to see a proper wrestler like Paige beating a Kim Kardashian wannabe and the Diva’s title being back in good hands, I can’t see it happening. I suspect that the Diva’s title being given to Nikki Bella was some sort of publicity stunt that would tie in with  Total Divas in a bid to boost TV ratings. It has zero to do with Nikki Bella’s wrestling ability, that’s for sure. This will be the typical sort of Divas match that will last no more than 10 minutes with little attention due to the typically shit story telling/build up, that haunts the Divas division.

WWE Tag Team Championships – The Uso’s (c) v Cesaro and Tyson Kidd
The tag team division can be a little ropey at times (no pun intended) which leads to wrestlers who WWE aren’t doing anything with, ending up as tag team partners. I think that’s the case with Cesaro and Tyson Kidd. I am a fan of both men and I would love to see Cesaro in particular being given a push, as does many WWE fans. I think winning the titles would be a good thing for Kidd and Cesaro which would hypothetically lead to a match against the Ascension at Wrestlemania. I’m not 100% sure about who I think will win this one but I am hoping it’s the challengers.

WWE Intercontinental Championship – Dean Ambrose v Wade Barrett (c)

I love Dean Ambrose, and he’s as over as he should be, and will eventually be in the main events. I quite fancy a change of hands for the Intercontinental championship but Dean Ambrose has been on a loosing streak lately and it might not end in Tennessee.

There have been hints at other possible matches being included such as Goldust v Stardust since tension between the tag team partners has been on the rise. I think a big enough name such as Bray Wyatt ought to be on the card too. There is also hints at the eventual break up of The Miz and Damien Mizdow but we shall have to wait and see.

What to expect in 2015

Roman Reigns to win the Rumble?
Randy Savage in the Hall of Fame.
Grado to win the ICW title?*

So I know this post is a little belated but better late than never eh?
Alot of interesting developments are sure to occur in 2015.


Let me get started with the Royal Rumble, which takes place on the same day as ICW’s Sqaure Go!
The confirmed entrants for RR are Reigns, Bray Wyatt, Daniel Bryan, Rusev and Bad News Barrett.-All of which you can expect to be between the ropes for a lengthy time during the annual ‘floor is made of lava’ (sic) event.

For me, it’s just too early for Roman Reigns to be winning the Rumble. Sure, he’s young and the WWE are hell bent on pushing him to eventually replace John Cena but he just isn’t ready.
He still has areas to work on, specifically his mic skills, which are cringe-worthy at times.

My pick for the Rumble would have to be Daniel Bryan. It just seems more fitting when you consider how disappointed wrestling fans were when he wasn’t included in last years 30 man event. When you take his injury into account, which lead to him being stripped of the WWE Championship, it only adds fuel to his case for a Royal Rumble victory.
This would set up a main event at Wrestlemania with the Beast himself, Brock Lesnar. Bryan would prove once again to The Authority that he is Championship material. He’s still well over with the fans too.
Furthermore, this would give Seth Rollins a perfect opportunity to cash in his Money In The Bank briefcase. With Rollins being heel, it makes perfect sense for him to cash in on Bryan who would obviously be the face v Lesnar.
The Royal Rumble match will host 40 wrestlers this year, as opposed to the usual 30. So there are sure to be some surprise entrants, keeping with tradition.
Many people expect Randy Orton to make his return, which could pave the way for a feud with Seth Rollins further down the line, who had curb-stomped Orton out of action. We are also certain to see a wrestler from the NXT roster, as we did when Rusev made his debut last year. Personally, I’d love to see Finn Balor*, who I had the joy of watching in ICW. I’d also like to see Sammy Zain and/or Adrian Neville kickin some main roster arse.
You may want to take note that this year the Royal Rumble will take place in Philadelphia, the home of our fallen favourite, ECW! Don’t be surprised if Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Rob Van Dam grace the ring.

As we head into Wrestlemania…
Fans are in high anticipation of Sting’s first match in a WWE ring. This is likely to occur at Wrestlemania 31 against Tripe H*. Sting is contracted for just six WWE appearances, one of which was already used when he made his first appearance at Survivor Series.

Vince Mcmahon likes to have some star power at his showcase event which will probably see yet another appearance from The Rock and perhaps Stone Cold Steve Austin. The former had cut a promo at Wrestlemania which hinted at a match with Triple H at WM31 but Sting appears to be the most likely opponent.

There are a number of superstars who deserve to be pushed, such as Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro and Rusev.

I think sometimes the WWE miss a trick when it comes to pushing people and I believe one of the ways to solve this problem is to pit some of these guys into a match together. I think a fatal four way match between the aforementioned and perhaps Bad News Barrett or Ryback could do alot for each wrestler regardless of the outcome. Give the match a little time, decent spots and a little individual rampaging and alot can be achieved. WWE seems to focus too much energy on ‘the guy’ and they pay a high price whenever their guy gets injured or a couple of big names are out of action, as we have witnessed over the past year.

Randy Savage in the WWE Hall of Fame
The Macho Man has been nominated (finally) as the first inductee for the Hall of Fame class of 2015. It is widely thought that Randy Savage was being deliberately left out of WWE record books for apparently shagging Stephanie Mcmahon, The Chairman’s daughter, who would have been underage at the time. -Not that that is the only factor that contributes to Savage being ignored.
Strangely, Hulk Hogan will be the guy who inducts Savage, despite the fact they seemed to dislike each other.

It looks like WWE have decided to stop being dicks about things like this and are doing what’s right by the people.

And Now…ICW


Mark Dallas has a plan. I don’t know what his plan is but I’m liking it.

Square Go! ICW’s answer to Royal Rumble takes place on the same day as..you guessed it, Royal Rumble. Barramania will also coincide with Wrestlemania.
This means that you can go to an ICW event and then watch WWE afterwards on the same day.. That’s like what? 6 or 7 hours of wrestling? We can then all pretend we are wrestling experts, comparing matches and speculate on the future.

By this point, Chris Renfrew should be ICW’s new Heavyweight Champion, defeating the Chosen One, Drew Galloway (McIntyre).
It will be interesting to find out who wins the Square Go, I’d like to Joe Coffey cleaning house and facing Renfrew at Barramania, however Coffey will more than likely be taking on a mystery wrestler who will be taking up his open ‘Iron Man’ challenge.
So perhaps I’ll need to root for someone else. It would be interesting if one of the NAK members won, seeing as their talisman, Renfrew is cashing in.
I quite like the look of Sha Samules though, so I’m going to go for the Londoner.

There is some fantastic talent on the ICW roster. Noam Dar and Kay Lee Ray have raised their profiles after taking part in TNA’s British boot camp and Kenny Williams tends to prove that he’s the bollocks.
We will be anticipating the movements of these guys. Noam Dar and Kay Lee Ray are set to appear for TNA at the SSE Hydro and fan favourite, Grado will go head to head with Al Snow.

The expectations of ICW fans will likely be growing as time goes by and I think we will be witnessing  more historic moments in 2015.

Edits: *Grado winning the ICW title was just a wee joke
*Finn Balor is still Fergal Devitt to mee dammit!
*’Tripe H’ was intentional, because he is infact, tripe (4/10)

*Poll Results* CM Punk & UFC (Knees 2 Faces)


9 days ago I asked wrestling fans what their thoughts were on CM Punk and his decision to join the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC)

The poll has now closed and the results are as follows;

1.How do you feel about CM Punk’s decision to join UFC
Surprised 38%
Don’t care 35%
Glad 24%
Disappointed 3%

2.Will CM Punk be as successful as Brock Lesnar?
Yes 22%    No 78%

3 Punk said he felt physically ‘beat up’ which played a part in his decision to quit WWE. Why has he now joined UFC?
He thinks he has something to prove 12%
He’s doing it to spite the WWE 12%
He wants to be a UFC Champion 0%
He just wants to try it out 39%
A bit of everything mentioned 30%

4. Will this decision encourage other wrestlers to do so?
Yes 18%   No 27%  Hard to say 55%

5. Will CM Punk’s popularity benefit the UFC?
Yes 88%    No 0%  It won’t make a difference 12%

6. Which weight will he compete at?
Middle weight 50%  Welter weight 38% Light heavyweight 6% Other 6%

7. Do you think CM Punk will be paid more than others?
Yes, 54% No 37% Hard to say 9%

8.Do you think Punk will integrate his knowledge of Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and wrestling into his fights?
Yes 97% No3%

9. Which wrestler do you think is most likely to follow and join UFC?
Wade Barrett 38%
Seth Rollins 6%
Randy Orton 6%
Sheamus 3%
Dean Ambrose 3%
Other 44% Respondents replied with alternatives including Roman Reigns, Alberto Del Rio, Rusev, Jack Swagger, Daniel Bryan, hornswoggle, ‘none’ and …the bunny

Thanks to everyone for taking the survey, I’m sure you are all anticipating Punk’s debut in the Octagon as much as I am!